The Kilmore International School Community,

Year 4 is about to take part in a brand new money class, called ‘The Jam Jar Project’.

It has been created by Scott Pape, author of The Barefoot Investor (one of the bestselling Australian books in history).

The program is free, not-for-profit, and independent of any financial institution or vested interests.

Research shows that money behaviours (good or bad) are set by as young as age seven, so this course is designed to set your child up with good money skills that will last them a lifetime.

The Jam Jar Project is a six lesson, whole-class project:

Students will hold a ‘Toy Frenzy’ on Tuesday 13th August where they bring in 1–3 good quality, unwanted books or toys from home, and sell them at a lunchtime class stall (which they set up and work at) to the rest of the school. Along with the Toy Frenzy our year 4 students will be running a Bake Sale, to which all members of the school population will be invited to purchase. To support this Bake Sale we are asking for each student to bring along some baked goods to be sold. These do not need to be home-made. Cupcakes, doughnuts, biscuits etc. from the supermarket will be gratefully received.

Please remember that all students are invited to purchase from our Toy Frenzy and Bake Sale! Older students may like to think of younger siblings, cousins etc. when visiting the Toy Frenzy and are encouraged to make purchases as gifts for others. Not only will you be supporting positive money education in our Year 4 students, you will also be passing on the valuable lesson that fun things don’t have to be new!

Following the sale, students will divide the takings from the Toy Frenzy and Bake Sale into three class jam jars. Each jar teaches students a critical money management behavior:

The ‘Splurge’ jar teaches them it’s okay to enjoy some of the fruits of their hard work.

The ‘Smile’ jar teaches delayed gratification and the importance of saving up for something they want.

The ‘Give’ jar teaches the joy of giving.

At the end of the course, parents and caregivers will be invited to a ‘graduation celebration’ for the Jam Jar Project.

Thank you for your support in our endeavour!

Jen Ling
Year 4 Classroom Teacher
The Kilmore International School