You might have heard that TKIS runs a school trip to Cambodia every second year.

But do you know that:

  •  We travel with a registered and successful NGO (non-government organisation) and staff comprising volunteers from all over the world as well as local Khmer people who love their country?
  • CKF is a local family based in Woodend? They started their work in Cambodia after one family holiday that opened their eyes to the beautiful people and their troubled lives
  • All money raised is used to fund projects set up by the locals and supported by the organisation? That’s 100% of your money being used in a way you can trust
  • In 2011, TKIS travelled to Soksan village and our fundraising efforts helped CKF buy the land to build the country’s FIRST FREE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL?
  • The Soksan International School runs the IB programs from Primary school and into Secondary? This will help to develop global-minded, intelligent and compassionate young people to lead the country onto a better future.
  • The first 5 trips saw our students teach in all classrooms, visit the temples and attractions of Cambodia, work in the Community Garden, build Reading Rooms that are still in use, help in the village Medical Centre, and develop educational programs to target real life issues in the village (such as safety for children and combating child abduction)? These programs are still implemented today, with updated curriculum

    In January 2020, TKIS will be travelling again to Cambodia to check on their progress and help with the different projects? A group of 15 students from years 8-12 will be guided by 3 adults to contribute their time and love to CKF projects.

What do you do with this information?

Don’t throw it away!
Think about participating in a future Mission:Cambodia (Mishcam)! Talk to your friends and your family. Look up CKF and make your own decision about what they do and how you feel about it.
People who travel with CKF are well looked after from the moment they land until the time they tearfully say goodbye. They make life-long friends and connect strongly with the children of this village. They come away feeling they are part of an important mission: to make a difference in the developing world and to improve the lives of future generations. OR