The Kilmore International School recently launched its exciting new Innovation Scholarship to enable students to demonstrate their creative thinking skills. The Innovation Scholarship is open to students in Year 5 to Year 10 in 2021.

To assist applicants in the development of their thinking, school Principal Mr Peter Cooper defines innovation as the “melding of two, or more, previously unrelated items to create a unique and useful item.  For example, the melding of a telephone, a camera, and a computer has led to today’s mobile phones”.

He added “Applicants are invited to draw on their interest, their passion, for two or more distinct areas in order to create a new item that could serve a genuine purpose, rather than pure fantasy.”

Applicants are not expected to physically produce such an item, but are expected to present their thought processes and line of thinking in developing this new item.

“This presentation could take the form of an essay, a movie, a poster, audiovisual presentation, a song, painting’ he said. ‘The submission format is not crucial as the interview panel is more interested in the applicant being able to explain their thinking, their successes and failures, as well as the reasons they have followed a particular path.”

Applications for the Innovation Scholarship close on Wednesday 26 August. All applicants for the scholarship will be required to sit The Kilmore International School entrance assessment on Saturday 29 August 2020, followed by a presentation of their Innovation Scholarship idea.

Further details regarding the scholarship and enrolments generally for Years 3-12 can be located on the school website at