On the 25th of April, the community of Kilmore gathered at Hudson Park for a service to commemorate the 101st annual ANZAC day. This service involved a parade in the morning, followed by a short service of speakers, lying of wreaths and a choir.


The short service after the parade included an address by Grahame Thom whom read out the names of the soldiers who died in service during World War One, as well as short intervals where the choir and band would play various pieces such as ‘God Save The Queen’ and the Australian National Anthem.


The choir that sang at the service was made up of students and student leaders from TKIS from varying year levels.


These students spent three weeks prior to the service rehearsing under the guidance of Mr. Howard. Mr. Howard had organized all of the practice sessions for both all of the students over both school lunches and provided the lyric booklets.


Because of this guidance and the help of the band’s conductor, on the day of the service the students of TKIS performed wonderfully. Which was a relief for Mr. Howard as it was the first time that the students had performed with the band.


The spectators enthusiastically joined the choir in singing ‘Waltzing Matilda’, bringing the service to an uplifting close.


Written by Paul Thomas Callaghan, Publications Captain




On Friday the 26th of February, 19 students from year’s 10 and 11 along with 4 supervisors headed out to the Great Ocean Walk for the first Duke of Edinburgh camp of 2016. The students were required to carry all their belongings, e.g. tent, food, portable stoves and water throughout the four-day hike. Altogether they walked approximately 40 kilometres over 4 days and camped at Cape Otway, Aire River and Johanna Beach. It was a truly memorable experience for all.  A special thanks to Miss Dalton, Dr Rutter and Ms. Treanor for their support on this camp and for giving up their time to accompany the students on this trip.

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