A KILMORE International student with a passion for geography has been selected to represent Australia at the 2017 International Geography Olympiad (iGeo) in Belgrade, Serbia.

Sugarloaf Creek resident and Year 12 student, Madeleine Lezon was chosen following her outstanding performance in Geography’s Big Week Out at North Stradbroke Island, Queensland last December.

The Geography Big Week Out is an intensive six-day residential program with challenging geographical activities, which focuses on fieldwork, spatial technologies and analytical skills.

Madeleine was one of 16 students selected to attend from more than 66,000 students who participated in the annual Geography Competition.

Madeleine and the rest of the Australian team, Christian Flynn from Canberra Grammar, Teale Lyon from St Mary’s Anglican Girls School in Perth and Isaac Tennant from St Peter’s College in Adelaide, will compete at the International Geography Olympiad from August 2 to 8, 2017.

The iGeo competition is a highly contested one-week challenge for the best 16 to 19-year-old geography students from all over the world.

The olympiad is an excellent opportunity to showcase the geographical skills and understandings of a country’s geography students, as well as a reward for student excellence.

All the costs of participating in the competitions are covered by the organisers, Australian Geography Teachers Association and the Royal Geographical Society of Queensland, as well as competition supporters. Currently undertaking the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma, Madeleine said the whole process is very exciting.

“I was not expecting it at all. I was very surprised when I got the email a month and a half ago saying I had been selected,” Madeleine said.

“I was very excited; I wasn’t expecting it all. There were 16 people and they were all very outgoing. I’m still excited; I’ve never been to Europe before.”

Madeleine is looking forward to travelling abroad and challenging herself while getting the opportunity to make connections with students from all over the world.

“I should hopefully get a seven for geography (for the IB). It will be great learning new skills and meeting new people,” Madeleine said explained the benefits of the trip on her future.

“I also hear it’s a good thing on your university resume, to have completed in an olympiad. I want to work in development and human rights so this is a great experience for me.”

Australian Geography Competition coordinator, Bernard Fitzpatrick said that the Australian and international competitions help enthuse students about geography as it’s important that young people want to study the subject.

“The structured way of understanding the world that geography gives us is vital if we are to develop innovative responses to issues such as climate change, food security, land degradation or population shifts, as well as contribute to economic development,” Mr Fitzpatrick said.

Madeleine thanked her family and The Kilmore International School, including teachers Mr Osborne, Mr Pharoah and Ms Santarossa for their support.

International Baccalaureate Diploma Awards Ceremony of 2017 (Victoria and Tasmania) was held in Deakin Edge Federation Square in Melbourne CBD last night. The Kilmore International School graduates have continued an impressive record of academic success. Some of TKIS high achievers, Lingzi CHEN, Rinrada SIRIMAHARAJ, Taylor O’BRIEN, Oliver PARSONS attended the ceremony and received their award certificates. TKIS Principal Mr. Andrew TAYLOR, IB Coordinator Dr.Judy RUTTER, School Careers Counsellor Elizabeth McCORMICK and Year 12 Coordinator Andrew PHAROAH also attended the ceremony to witness their glorious moment.

The Kilmore International School is celebrating another year of outstanding International Baccalaureate Diploma results. The IB Diploma programme is conducted in over 3200 schools in more than 141 countries and provides the best opportunity for local and international students to enter universities worldwide. Although the students had to wait until 4 January for the results to be released, it was worth the wait!

Notably 48% of the Class of 2016 achieved an ATAR of 95 or above, and among them were three students who achieved a score of 43. One of these is School Captain and Dux of the Year, Ryan Tham who is planning to study Aeronautical Engineering in the UK or the USA. Local student Taylor O’Brien hopes to be a Veterinarian and Lynn Chen will combine her passion for Mathematics with Economics, also in the UK.

18% of the graduates received an ATAR over 98.00. The average IB score at TKIS was an ATAR of 93.45.

Students apply for a huge range of degrees based on the academic preparation received during the two-year IB programme. All prerequisite subjects for university can easily be studied. IB Diploma requires completion of a wide range of subjects; a minimum of two languages, mathematics, science, humanities and the option to take creative arts. A 4,000 research essay, extra-curricular activities (creativity, sport and community service) and the subject, Theory of Knowledge must also be undertaken.

The IB Diploma is recognised internationally and so all students have the chance to study overseas. Also as it is at an academic standard recognised by some institutions as the equivalent to first year university, TKIS graduates can receive credit for first year subjects at universities in Australia and overseas.

Already students have received offers to prestigious overseas universities such as Imperial College London, University College London, University of Durham, University of St Andrews, Hong Kong University, Hong Long University of Science and Technology and Yonsei University, ranked 2nd in South Korea. Others are awaiting outcomes for their applications to the USA, Japan and Oxbridge.

VTAC university offers for our International students have just been released and 55% of students have received a place at The University of Melbourne and 37% are going to Monash University, both Group of Eight universities. Courses range from Biomedicine to Commerce and Arts.

We are eagerly awaiting the release of offers for the local students on Wednesday 18 January!

The Annual International Baccalaureate Diploma Award Ceremony was was held on Federation Square on the 24th of February, 2016. Eleven TKIS students were eligible for the award which is presented to IB candidates that achieved an IB score of 40 or above. Of the eleven awardees, seven were able to attend on the night including: Yuanlin Feng, Angus Franks, Antonius Jaegar, Irene Park, Chang Ren, Brioude Synnot and Mao Yukawa.

Congratulations to our School Captain, Angus Franks, who gained a perfect score of 45 in his recent IB Diploma examinations! He has accepted a place to study Medicine at Monash University and has been awarded a Sir John Monash Scholarship for Exceptional Achievement.

TKIS School Captain Angus Franks gained a perfect score of 45 in IB Diploma examinations.

Angus was an outstanding school leader and all-rounder, participating in the Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award and regularly attending the United Nations Victorian Youth Conference. An accomplished cellist and a member of the Resonance String Orchestra, Angus has regularly performed in concerts at The Elms Retirement Village and he also enjoys horse riding in his spare time.


Congratulations to our Dux of the Class of 2015, Evita Widjaja, who has been offered a place to study Engineering at University of Cambridge. Evita wants to specialise in Civil Engineering, she once described her motivation – “my interest in the inner workings of the man-made world we live in today has directed me towards the path of Engineering.” Evita already had a place at the prestigious Imperial College London to study civil engineering.

Evita Widjaja

Evita Widjaja


As well as achieving an outstanding IB score, with 7 in HL Mathematics and HL Physics, Evita also achieved High Distinctions in Australia wide Economics and Mathematics competitions in 2015.

Evita was Captain of Girls Boarding and in her spare time enjoys playing the piano and playing basketball.

We wish her every success in her future studies!

Celebrations for the 25th Anniversary Year of TKIS have continued as the Class of 2015 achieved outstanding results in the IB Diploma examinations!  55% of the 69 students achieved an ATAR of 90+. Among the high achievers are 11 students who scored ATARs over 98.30.

  • 16% of students with an ATAR of 98 or above;
  • 55% of students with an ATAR of 90 or above;
  • Average of Diploma Graduates ATAR 92 plus (IB score 34);
  • 36% of students received at least one perfect score in their subjects.

Their global outlook is seen in number of applications to prestigious overseas universities such as Imperial College, Edinburgh, and University of California (Berkeley). Others are planning to study at Group of Eight universities e.g. Melbourne, ANU, and Sydney.

Early offers are for Medicine, Dentistry, Fine Art, Architecture and Civil Engineering. Others are awaiting local offers for courses ranging from Commerce to Secondary Teaching, and from Agriculture to Computer Science.

2016 will be an exciting year for these TKIS graduates.

Once again, TKIS enters the graduation season. On 24th November, TKIS held the Graduation Ceremony for Class of 2015 at Park Hyatt Melbourne. We are glad to welcome parents and guests from Melbourne, Victoria and overseas to share and witness the beginning of a new chapter for all students in Class of 2015.

Congratulations to the Class of 2014 on their examination results.

The Principal, Mr Andrew Taylor, said ‘We are once again delighted by our students’ performance and would like to congratulate each student on their individual achievements. Students, teachers and parents can feel very proud of what they have achieved.’

Some highlights:

  • 31 % of students in the top 5% of the state with an ATAR of 95 and above
  • 43 % of students in the top 10% of the state with an ATAR of 90 and above
  • 74 % of students in the top 20% with an ATAR of 80 and above
  • Average student ATAR of 88 (IB score of 32)
  • 10 % of all subject grades were perfect scores (7)

Pictured below, clockwise from top left to bottom right – High achievers Benjamin Eid with an IB score of 41, Matthew Doyle and Money Nithisoontorn with an IB score of 40 and Jay Finn, JIANG Chang (Chance) and Cameron Moir with IB scores of 39.