Celebrations for the 25th Anniversary Year of TKIS have continued as the Class of 2015 achieved outstanding results in the IB Diploma examinations!  55% of the 69 students achieved an ATAR of 90+. Among the high achievers are 11 students who scored ATARs over 98.30.

  • 16% of students with an ATAR of 98 or above;
  • 55% of students with an ATAR of 90 or above;
  • Average of Diploma Graduates ATAR 92 plus (IB score 34);
  • 36% of students received at least one perfect score in their subjects.

Their global outlook is seen in number of applications to prestigious overseas universities such as Imperial College, Edinburgh, and University of California (Berkeley). Others are planning to study at Group of Eight universities e.g. Melbourne, ANU, and Sydney.

Early offers are for Medicine, Dentistry, Fine Art, Architecture and Civil Engineering. Others are awaiting local offers for courses ranging from Commerce to Secondary Teaching, and from Agriculture to Computer Science.

2016 will be an exciting year for these TKIS graduates.