COVID-19 IB Background Statement 2020

COVID-19 general statement for The Kilmore International School

The Kilmore International School (TKIS) is located in the rural township of Kilmore, Victoria,  approximately 70km north of metropolitan Melbourne, with a population of 9,000.  Functioning as both a day and boarding school, our local students travel up to two hours from all directions, many from rural properties, while our international students travel from various countries and rural/urban locations in Asia and South East Asia.

We offer The International Baccalaureate Diploma for the senior students and in earlier years students study the Australian curriculum. Our Class of 2020 enrolment was 69 students and there were 44 international students from eleven countries.

TIMELINE impacting the Year 12 students

In total, 15 weeks of Face to Face classes were lost in the 2020 academic year

February 1
National borders closed suddenly, preventing some Year 12 students’ return to TKIS. (TKIS School academic term began on 3 February).
February 25 – March 29
Using a 13 stage process, students gradually return to TKIS from overseas
March 16
State of Emergency declared in Victoria
March 24
STAGE 2 Stay at Home Restrictions announced

School holidays commenced early, forcing students to rush the conclusion of their studies especially IB Internal Assessments.
April 14 – May 29
Remote Learning Mandated for State of Victoria

Huge impact on ability to complete Extended Essays/Internal assessments in sciences and the arts.
1 – 19 June
Face to face classes allowed (Term 2 finished 19/6)
14 July – 3 August
3 weeks of Face to Face classes
4 August – 13 October
STAGE 3 Stay at Home Restrictions imposed for remainder of Term 3 Remote Learning Mandated for State of Victoria
30 September
COVID-19 outbreak in our town, Kilmore from a popular café. Widespread panic. Some students had 14 day quarantine
13 – 21 October
Only 7 days of Face to Face classes before IB November session examinations begin
26 October
IB November Session examinations begin

Internet connectivity at TKIS

Throughout the two periods of extended remote learning the boarders (International students) faced particularly difficult study conditions as the school/town internet connectivity is badly impacted by the frequent high winds in this region. On many occasions teachers had to suspend or even cancel IB remote learning classes due to lack of signal.