Middle School (Years 3-8)

The Middle School provides opportunities for students to learn and grow in ways that respect and acknowledge this critical phase of their lives. Whilst the core focus in our Middle School is still firmly on literacy and numeracy, the Australian Curriculum offers a wide range of subjects of study and the flexibility to work at different levels or rates.  The academic standard is very high with a focus on fundamental knowledge, skills and understanding and is designed to prepare them for the independent learning required to succeed in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. All teachers have specialist training and experience in educating 8 to 14-year olds. Extra academic support and enrichment is provided in after School tutorials.

At a time of exceptional physical, social and emotional growth, students are given opportunities to express their ideas, and to follow the questions raised by their own intellectual curiosity. The co-curricular programme, House system and annual weeklong camps ensure a well-rounded education for every student. International Day celebrates our social diversity and helps to raise awareness and money for local and international service projects

Homeroom teachers act as mentors, responsible for the academic, emotional and social wellbeing of all students within a House. They help with personal organisation and study techniques, provide clear behavioural expectations, and encourage each student to enter academic competitions and special events such as School play.